Ways for Open Science practices

The past few years have seen major changes in the way researchers access, publish, and share research. Open access publications have surpassed subscription-only publications; funders and governments increasingly adopt open access and data sharing mandates; and there is a drive among the community at large to make all research outputs as open as possible.   

National Open Science policies in Europe

If you are not an Open Science (OS) policy specialist and looking for quick information on foreign countries, it can be challenging to find what you need in the mass of information. This applies particularly to this “young” field, which is developing rapidly.

As far as Europe is concerned, many open science networks and information platforms can give a quick overview on national policies. The following sources are not limited to strictly governmental policies but also mention national funder policies.

Rules and legislations influencing and affecting Open Science

EU rules and legislations influence and affect open science at EU and national levels.

Research and internal market are “shared competences” of the European Union. Within these two fields, the European Union is able to determine a common Open Science framework, and to influence national policies as well.

Horizon 2020

When researchers are involved in their first proposal within the European framework research programme, they often know little about Grant Agreements and their Open Access and Open Data requirements.

Here is a short overview of the Open Science Jargon in Horizon 2020.