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Author: Mariano Martín Zamorano

Scientific progress is not just about breakthroughs in labs or successful social sciences projects; it is also about fostering trust in those results and discoveries. VERITY is a Horizon Europe project dedicated to studying trust in science drivers and developing a policy protocol that enhances societal trust in science, research, and innovation. The VERITY protocol will place open science and stakeholder engagement at its core, ensuring that it reflects European societies' needs, expectations, and values regarding scientific endeavours.

At the heart of VERITY lies an understanding of two crucial concepts: the ‘stewards of trust’ and the ‘ecosystem of trust.’ Stewards of trust, ranging from research funding organizations to actors within social media platforms, guide societal trust in science and facilitate collaboration between science and society. Within the ecosystem of trust, interactions between these stewards, such as specific scientists, journalists or civil society organizations, and citizens, shape societal perceptions of science, influencing its trustworthiness and openness

Among the preliminary research results examining the above trust ecosystem, VERITY has spotted open science, participatory and citizen science practices as critical components of the public trust-in-science building process


Unveiling (mis)trust drivers while embracing openness

The VERITY project seeks to uncover the roots and implications of societal mistrust in science while championing open science practices. By understanding these challenges, VERITY paves the way for more transparent, accessible, and inclusive scientific practices in its own dissemination strategies.

VERITY does not just talk the talk; it walks the walk when it comes to open science. Here's how:

  • Public accessibility: All project deliverables, except for specific data management items, are available on the project website and Zenodo, ensuring easy access for all interested parties.
  • Community engagement: The project actively invites stakeholders and the public to participate in research activities, particularly through focus groups, advisory boards, and public forums, fostering collaboration in the development of the VERITY protocol. Through systematic reviews, focus groups, and social network analyses, the project aims to shed light on the challenges of science co-creation.
  • FAIR principles: Data management strategies ensure that research outputs are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable, promoting transparency and project results’ reproducibility.
  • Collaborative synergies: VERITY collaborates with other projects and initiatives, such as IANUS or POIESIS EU projects, to maximize the impact of open science principles, fostering a culture of collaboration.

In this way, besides fostering open science and collaboration, VERITY aims to improve the conduct of science and research itself. By disseminating results to key stakeholders and showcasing used methodologies, VERITY seeks to stimulate the adoption of best practices across the scientific community.


Join us on the VERITY journey

VERITY invites you to join the movement towards a more trusting and transparent scientific landscape. Together, we can ensure that science serves not only progress but also the needs and expectations of society. Visit our Zenodo community to explore our findings and be a part of the VERITY journey towards a brighter future for science.

Project Coordination: Trilateral Research IE
Project duration: 36 months. Start date: 1 September 2022. End date: 31 August 2025.
Website: Verity Project
Zenodo: Verity Zenodo Community
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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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