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Science Feedback is a worldwide network of experienced scientists sorting fact from fiction in science-based media coverage, starting with climate and health issues. Their mission is to create an Internet where users will have access to scientifically sound and trustworthy information. Science Feedback has received accreditation from the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at The Poynter Institute. Previously focusing on its Climate Feedback platform, Science Feedback now also provides Heath Feedback by vetting trending health-related claims.

How can it help me?

Science Feedback can help you as a reader to know which news to trust. They also provide feedback to editors and journalists about the credibility of information published by their outlets. As a scientist with relevant expertise you are also invited to become a reviewer.

 How can I use Science Feedback
and what are its benefits?

Everyone can freely use Science Feedback by visiting their website and enjoying their fact-checked articles which so far focus on climate and health articles featured in many respected news outlets. You can also become involved or support them by becoming a volunteer or individual donor.

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