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Hacker School
Author: Denise Meyer

The Hacker School is a project of the non-profit association I3 e.V. with the aim of enabling digital education for children and young people throughout Germany. In their Hacker School sessions, they want to spark and maintain young people’s interest in information technology (IT) and its possibilities. They offer children and young people exciting insights into the many facets of programming, show them the wide range of what can be created on the computer and teach them digital skills.

How can Hacker School help me?

This project will help you to get young people excited about IT and enable them to actively shape their own future.

How can I use Hacker School and what are its benefits?

Whether as an inspirer, company, local organizer, or donor – you can support the Hacker School in many ways. As an IT enthusiast, you can volunteer to offer your own course in a Hacker School session. As an entrepreneur, you can host a Hacker School session at your company and support the next generation of IT professionals. As a Local Organizer, you can organize Hacker School Sessions in your city. And last but not least you could support hacker school with a donation.

Country of origin: Germany
Institution: I3 e.V
Website: www.hacker-school.de
Twitter: twitter.com/hckrschl
Target group: Students (11 – 18 years)

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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