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Foster open science because the future of science is open

The FOSTER and FOSTER+ projects focused on promoting the practical implementation of Open Science, with activities targeting academic staff, young scientists and policy-makers in particular. Partners from disciplines in the life sciences, social sciences and humanities tailored training content to the practices of each domain. Outcome-oriented workshops were organized, providing participants with tangible skills, such as selecting relevant repositories, understanding how to license research data, and negotiating EU data protection laws. One of the major outcomes of these projects is the FOSTER portal which is an e-learning platform with a collection of training materials.  

How can this project help me?

No matter if you are an open science expert or if you are just starting to learn about open science, this project is an optimal starting point. You can use the material from the platform to develop your own training materials tailored to your own needs, or learn how to reuse the FOSTER toolkit.    

How can I use FOSTER and what are its benefits?

On the FOSTER portal, high-quality training material such as the Open Science Training Handbook is published. You can access all materials and public project deliverables of both projects at Zenodo.

We recommend you take a bit of time to review the materials provided at the platform – have fun!

Link to FOSTER Project

Country of origin:  Europe
Institution: European projects funded in FP7 and H2020, Coordinator University of Minho
Project duration:  FOSTER project – 1 February 2014 to 31 July 2016 FOSTER+ project – 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2019
Categories: Projects
Tags:  e-learningopen accessopen data
Target group:  Early-career researchers, data managers, librarians, research administrators, graduate schools


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